Individual desktop management including anti-virus/anti-spyware protection, SOX/HIPAA compliance, and scheduled maintenance including computer optimization.

Systems Engaged provides small businesses and non-profits with a comprehensive suite of essential IT management services that help organizations keep focused on their mission. We provide all of this on a flat rate subscription basis:

  • Hardware and software asset inventory management (collection, audit, and reporting)
  • Baseline software package distribution and configuration
  • Anti-virus/anti-spyware scans, detection, and removal
  • Deployment of critical operating system and software patches including service packs
  • Enforcement of IT policy management including application/network usage, security, SOX/HIPAA compliance and/or best practices
  • Scheduled maintenance including deletion of temp files, disk de-fragmentation, registry cleaning, and internet debris clean up
  • Desktop Monitoring/Trending of CPU utilization, % Free Disk Space, Available Memory, NIC Performance and Errors
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Network Management

Managed service operations center with minute-by-minute reports of the health and activity of your network.

  • Monitoring of all network traffic and health
  • DNS Management
  • Vulnerability monitoring
  • Configuration, monitoring, and management of all network devices

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We help small businesses and non-profits achieve their goals through IT

We are a full service IT department for small businesses and non-profits that can’t afford or don’t require a full time IT department.

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Benefits of managed IT services

We provide CIO services to help you develop and maintain an IT plan according to your needs.

Proactive management with one-click technical support means fewer surprises allowing you to focus on your business.

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Freeing small businesses and non-profits to accomplish their mission since 1984.