Network Management

  • Monitoring of all network traffic and health
  • DNS management
  • Vulnerability monitoring
  • Configuration, monitoring and management of all network hubs, switches, routers and access points (up to five network devices per site).

On Site Service

  • On site setup and ongoing maintenance of Windows OS workstations, servers and networks
  • Knowledge transfer or training to in-house administrators and end users.
  • Repairs and/or replacement of parts. (Does not include cost of materials or labor performed by third-parties.)
  • Hours purchased for on-site service can be used for non-on site services not already covered elsewhere. For example, the time can be used for data migration or custom programming services.

Other Benefits

  • CIO services to help you develop and maintain an IT plan according to your needs and budget.
  • Procurement of all software and hardware. We liason with all of your vendors.
  • Executive reports let you know the health of your IT investment.
  • License tracking and management.
  • One-click technical support.
  • Peace of mind; our proactive management means fewer surprises.
  • Consistent budgeting means you pay a flat rate for our comprehensive IT services.

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We help small businesses and non-profits achieve their goals through IT.

We are a full service IT department for small businesses and non-profits that can’t afford or don’t require a full time IT department.

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Support management

With our 24x7 monitoring systems, we resolve many problems even before you notice them.

Otherwise, quick resolution to any issue is available through quick online and onsite support.

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